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About Slimeware Corporation

"We are the future of the web"

Slimeware Corporation and all the products listed here are parodies. Or possibly predictions. Slimeware Corporation is completely made up and any relationship to anything else you see is purely accidental and/or a figment of your imagination.

However, elements of this site reflect the seedier side of web marketing. For more information on the perils of slimeware and other parasites see:

If you are unfortunate enough to have fallen victim to real slimeware, we recommend that you visit one of the following sites to find software to clean up your PC.

If you want to promote discussion about this site, try posting to a board with a quote similar to the following:

  • "I cannot believe what these low-life slimeware merchants are doing now"
  • "Hey, this might be the reason traffic has been down"
  • "I started getthing these offensive popups and I had to pay to remove them"
  • "I found this great way to get traffic from other sites without them knowing about it"

This site is partly influenced by the excellent Spam The Engines spoof. Some images copyright 2003 Clipart.com. Content 2003 Conrad Longmore, dynamoo.com.

Some of our happy customers:

For comments on this site, please email me slimeware@slimeware.com.