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Choose from a variety of great software to make your PC run like it has never run before! Note that downloading software means you consent to the license agreement.

Precision Day Manager

Some applications claim to keep your PC up to date with an accurate date and time - but that's often not enough. It's no good if your PC knows that it's 10:30 on October 3rd, if it thinks it's a Tuesday when it's actually a Wednesday! The Precision Day Manager fixes that, and give you the peace of mind that you need!
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RIAA-za picks up where Morpheus and Kazaa stop. This powerful application allows you to trade music, video, documents, spreadsheets, banking details and your private pornography collection with everyone else with RIAA-za installed. Please note that when you download this application you agree to indemnify Slimeware Corporation against any legal action taken against us by the RIAA.
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Keeping track of the current local weather can be a real pain, what with all that checking out of the window. So we've come up with WeatherSpy, which tells you what the weather's like outside without you having to crane your neck around. All we
ask for in return is that you share a little personal data with us, such as your credit card numbers and personal passwords - don't worry, we'll look after them safely!
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License Agreement

Please read this carefully before downloading our software.

  • This is a legally binding agreement between yourself "you" and Slimeware Corporation "Slimeware".
  • By downloading these applications you agree to forgoe any legal claims against Slimeware now or in the future.
  • You agree to allow Slimeware full and unrestricted access to the data held on your PC and personal data you supply to us, to do with as we see fit. Additionally, you agree that we can have unrestricted access to the data on any network connected system, and that you are authorised on penalty of perjury to allow us to have access.
  • You agree to not post critical comments of Slimeware and/or its products in any place, public or private, in any medium including electronic, printed and in conversation. Furthermore you agree that if you violate this, you will pay Slimeware the sum of one million ($1,000,000) dollars.
  • Slimeware may install, upgrade and change the applications installed on your PC, and alter any data found on that PC, or any other connected device.
  • Upon deinstallation or attempted deinstallation of a product, you may be liable to pay a fee, and be subject to other liabilities, the level and nature of which will be determined solely at the discretion of Slimeware.
  • You agree that we may alter any content displayed in your web browser, including affiliate links, we may display adult material on your PC without restriction, and we may bar your access to web sites on our sole discretion.
  • You agree to indemnify Slimeware against any and all legal claims made against it in regards to your use of Slimeware's software.
  • You understand that Slimeware offers no warrantly, explicit or implied on any of our products whatsoever.