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Got Slimeware? Then you'll need help!

I Keep Getting Pornographic Popups

You agreed to receive adult material when you downloaded the application. You can stop these popups by going into Start -> Programs -> Slimeware -> Porno-Pops and then selecting Stop Porno-Pops. Please ensure you have a valid credit card for deactivation.

Other People Using RIAA-za Can Access All My Files

RIAA-za is a file sharing application. It is sharing your files. You understood this when you downloaded the application.

Why Does WeatherBug Need A Valid Credit Card Number?

In order for it to accurately give a picture of current local weather conditions, WeatherBug will crossreference your credit card details with your billing address for maximum accuracy. Please note that this crossreferencing will require some transactions to be made against the account, of a value that we will determine.

I Can't Visit My Favorite Shopping Site - I Get Redirected

You are being redirected to a much better site than the one you were trying to go to. We are doing you a favor.

I Don't Think That Permission is Being Assigned Properly to Affiliate Links I Click On

We will redirect the affiliate payments from those links to ourselves or our partners. People involved in affiliate marketing make plenty of money and can afford to lose some commission.

The RIAA Are Taking Legal Action Against Me

This is unfortunate. However, you agreed to waive all your legal rights when you downloaded the software. Furthermore if the RIAA choose to take legal action against Slimeware Corporation, then you are liable for any costs we incur.