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Commission Disjunction

"All Your Commission Are Belong To Us"

Affiliate Marketing - The Easy Way!

Let's face it, anybody involved in affiliate marketing knows that it can be hard work. There's all that business of finding merchants, designing and creating sites, attracting visitors, keeping sites up to date and the effort of maintaining a competitive edge.

At Slimeware Corporation, we believe that you need to work smarter, not harder, and our Commission Disjunction product does just that. Simply put, it can turn anyone else's affiliate links into your own!

For advertisers, we can provide customised versions of Commission Disjunction for use with your own downloads, or simply bundle it with one of our own. For affiliates, promote Commission Disjunction on your site and get a bounty for every signup!

Key Features:

  • Overwrites affiliate links for most major networks with the affiliate ID you specify.
  • NEW! Works with context-sensitive advertising banners by altering the supplied javascript to your own.
  • Avoids potential code-of-conduct violations by generating convincing-looking impressions and clickthrough rates.
  • Can be updated from a central server so you can change your affiliate ID, even if the networks remove you.
  • Commission Disjunction is included in each of our wide range of downloads.

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