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They want adult material.. so give them adult material. Until they beg you to stop!

Multiple Revenue Streams from Adult Content

Porno-Pops is a sophisticated revenue generator that works well for both advertisers and affiliates.

Bundled with every one of our downloads, Porno-Pops delivers adult material straight to the desktop without having to open any other applications.

On the simplest level, Porno-Pops exposes the customer to a variety of adult content to tempt them to click through to the specified sites. As an advertiser, you can preprogam sites into Porno-Pops using whatever referrer links you like. If you are an affiliate, you'll earn 50 cents for every sign up.

However, the real revenue earner with Porno-Pops is not the adult content in itself, but comes when the customer wants to stop getting pornographic content. We call this the Porno-Pops Heuristic Feedback Content Escalator, or PPHFCE.

How PPHFCE works:

  • Initially, the default settings of Porno-Pops is for a variety of softcore or relatively straightforward adult sites. Typical starting categories are swimsuit babes and tasteful nudes. Over time, the popups show harder content, eventually leading up to extremely specialist material that comes from our servers deep in the Russian Federation. At the most extreme end, some of the content is illegal in western countries. This is the content escalator function.
  • Although they are initially random, the popups are generated by a heuristic engine that looks for the optimum time to deliver adult content. Typically, this content will be delivered in the middle of PowerPoint presentations, when running educational software or when visiting female-oriented shopping sites. This is done because we have determined that the key way to maximize revenue is not to target the person who installed the software, but coworkers, spouses and family members.
  • Because users supply all their personal details when registering our downloads, this is crossreference with sites that the user visits and this data can be collected and used for any purpose. Advertisers can be supplied with automated tools to match sites visited and content viewed with names, addresses and social security numbers. This is what we term the feedback function.
  • Finally, the user may wish to deinstall the program and stop receiving adult popups. This is the key revenue earner. The deinstaller has to be unlocked for each individual user, as specified in the license agreement. Unlocking the deinstaller is done through payment of a fee, and the longer that Porno-Pops has been installed, the larger the fee required, currently capped at $1000 for when the highly "specialist" adult material has been served. Affiliates earn 10% of this fee. If you have bought a customised advertising package, then you will earn an additional 30% of the fee.
  • If the user chooses not to deinstall the software, we have the option of contacting them directly about the illegal "specialist" material they have received in order to negotiate terms, or alternatively contact their local law enforcement authority. These cases can carry a very large bonus.

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